The vast majority of my background comes from my love of animation, both domestic and Foreign. Series such as Disney's Gargoyles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, David the Gnome, My Little Pony, and an array of other 90's shows formed the foundation alongside Dinosaurs, Birds, and the work of Alphonse Mucha and current-day Comic Book Artists. And basically I've been createing costumes and artwork based on these kind of interests since I was very young.

As I went on, I was able to develop and explore my thought processes alongside the various, largely internet based, communities that drew from similar inspiration. So i cut my teeth on a lot of Fanart,  Anthropromorphics, fantasy creatures and animals.

Later, more during college in the SF Bay area things changed pace. After learning a fresh set of fundamentals and taking several steps forward in terms of new skills in Anatomy, Lighting, Composition and Color theory, I got interested in Theater, Cosplay and RPG games. This was  primarily Live-Action-Role-Play (LARP) Games, such as Vampire:The Masquerade.  So During that period of time I started sewing a lot, and makeing more  costumes and physical items for warddrobe, props and set dressing purposes.  

Around the same time I also ended up with a part time jobmaking puppets in Sausalito, and then after that working for a small mascot making Company in Sacramento California. Between those two, and no small amount of inspiration from my roommate at the time who had been cosplay for years and subsequently lots of advice, I ended up experimenting with more creature-related costuming. When the Job in Sacramento ended, i started creating my own costumes. I took what I liked and learned and applied it to a very specialized and new school of  costume making for Larpers and Cosplay.

Today I am located in Denver Colorado. In my spare time I help develop my LARP community on a volunteer basis, largely performing support and aesthetic development roles for gaming events and advertising materials for online and print media. I also enjoy a small yearly roster of various gaming events and nerd-centric conventions which gives me an opportunity to show some of my creative work off as well as immerse myself in the creative efforts of others. 

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